A Sunday Well Spent

 We were all getting our breakfast. I had a basket full of juice and eggs and mushrooms. The man in front of my had a pile of bacon, and the man in front of him had a bag bursting with pastries. There was another man carrying a toddler on one hip and apologising profusely as his other son dragged their basket right into the path of everyone else in the store. But nobody minded, because it was Sunday and the sun was shining and we were all getting our breakfast. It's easy to smile, at such a time (although who wouldn't smile at any time, when a small boy is just so excited about getting to carry the basket?). There was a slight crisp in the air and the tops of the trees had started to turn yellow, and I grinned the whole way home. That's what Sundays are for, aren't they? 


They say that a Sunday well spent brings a week of content and, for me, there's never been a truer saying. With autumn starting to show her face around these parts, I'm preparing myself for a season of well-spent Sundays. For me, a Sunday well spent is one mostly at home - perhaps with a short trip out to pick up brunch items. Brunch is a big part of an excellent Sunday. Golden yellow yolk spilling out over generously buttered toast. Pancakes drizzled with ample amount of maple syrup and finished off with the last of the summer's berries. Whichever way you want to do it, it should be slow and savoured. 

Everyone's well-spent Sunday will look different, but I like to do my chores on a Sunday. Anything that's left over from the week - the laundry, the hoovering, the food shopping. It's not the most fun of activities, so it's best to get it out of the way early on. Stick on a podcast (see my recommendations here) and fold, tidy and get everything sorted for the week ahead. You're setting yourself up for success. 


No day is well spent for me without reading. A new book is preferred, but finishing off an old favourite will also while away the afternoon hours. If the sun is shining, you might want to be outside. I like to read in my armchair, legs tucked underneath me. Ideally there'd be a cat in my lap, too, but Tuna's idea of a Sunday well-spent is alternately jumping in and out of boxes, and glaring at me from Paul's arms. You can't have everything, even on the perfect Sunday. 

Baking is also a great way to spend your Sunday. Something that requires patience. Bread is good, because there's nothing better than freshly baked bread with salted butter as a mid-afternoon snack. I'm still working my way through my 40 loaves project, and tea bread is next on the agenda. Running is also a surprisingly good way to spend some time on a Sunday. It never seems that appealing, but you'll be grateful that you did it. Especially when you're opening a bottle of wine later on. I also love a yoga class - there's one at Yoga Kula on a Sunday afternoon that is perfect for stretching, relaxing, and feeling a bit smug. Napping will give you the same warm feeling, but maybe not so much of the smug feeling. 


It was too hot this week, but I think a roast dinner will be on the cards as the night starts drawing in. No Sunday is really complete without a Sunday roast. My favourite is Pork Belly, because that little bit of extra time you have is all the better for getting really juicy meat and really crispy skin. Roast potatoes are a must. As is pudding. Pudding is essential for a Sunday well-spent. 

And then, it's time for a spot of pampering. You deserve it - you've got a busy week ahead. Now that we have a bath (rather than just a shower), I've taken to having a Sunday night bath. It's the perfect time, because it allows Paul to catch up on the violent TV shows that he likes without me cringing in the corner asking if it's all over yet. We couldn't really be any more cliche if we tried. I'm not fussy about my bath products, but I do like a lot of bubbles. The water should be just too hot when I get in, so that I don't have to top up the water as time goes on. Another book is a good addition, as is a face mask (I like this one). And a candle, for ultimate relaxation. Neom sent me this English Lavender, Sweet Basil and Jasmine candle, which is absolutely divine. It's also designed to help you sleep, which is handy because that's the next step... 


Clean sheets. This is an important part of the chores process, earlier in the day. A tidy bedroom. An early night. Sunday nights need to be well-rested ones. I'm lucky not to struggle to fall (or stay) asleep - I know others who suffer terribly from insomnia - but we could all do with a little extra sleep to set us up for Monday. I've been using this Neom Pillow Mist and Sleep Treatment as part of their #SleepWithNeom campaign to help set a sleepy mood just before bed. A little extra treat to finish up my Sunday. Shall we do it again next week?