Using One Second Everyday for Memory Keeping

I've been using the One Second Everyday app every day for almost a month now, and I am *obsessed*. It's my favourite thing right now, and I find myself rewatching the video time and time again. It's, unsurprisingly, mostly little snippets of Benjamin right now and seeing his little faces and his hearing his little noises is such a joy. We have hundreds of photos of him, but video captures all his ways so much better - even in just one second snippets. It's only been a month, but I can already see myself carrying this on all year. And I am rarely that committed to anything. It's just such a good way of memory keeping, and it's already teaching me a lot that I could really do with applying to my other creative projects... 

Start Now

I meant to start when Ben was born, but in the newborn haze it was impossible and it just fell out of my mind. Also... he wasn't very interesting in the beginning. Now he's moving and smiling, and it makes the video so wonderful to watch. I started on a random day that wasn't significant in any way, and without any previous video-making experience. If I had waited until I was great at making videos or until an important date, I would be missing all of this gorgeous footage of my beautiful baby boy. You can decide which date to start your final video, so even if you feel like your first attempts aren't the best, you can just keep them to yourself. But I have a feeling you won't want to... 

Think About the Big Picture 

There are some of these video clips that I *love*. There are some that I really don't like, and still more that are just, well, okay. You've only got one second and you have to do it every day, so it's hard to get something groundbreaking for every single second. But it's not about the individual seconds, it's about the finished video. All together, even the clips that I don't like make a big picture that I absolutely adore. It can be easy to get bogged down in the detail, when really it's all about that finished article. 

Don't Sweat It 

There are a couple of days that I didn't get to get a clip of video, and some where I had more than one - so I just used one from a different day to plug the gaps. Every video of Ben is precious to me, and it doesn't really matter if it wasn't taken on that exact day - especially when we're not doing anything of note. I want to get as much variety as possible, but ultimately this is about capturing our real life. I know that when I look back in even a few months time, I won't be criticising the fact that I didn't have a new video each day or that there were too many of him on his play mat, I'll just be looking back on those memories and smiling.