Planning Our Bathroom Makeover

When we first moved into our house, almost two years ago now, we went hard at the DIY. We didn't have a lot of choice - not only were the previous occupant's design choices ugly as sin, they also took all of the kitchen with them so there were practical as well as aesthetic reasons for the renovation. But, at the time, the bathroom, although unattractive, was functional and we were rapidly running out of money after paying tradesmen and buying a whole new set of furniture. So a new bathroom had to wait. 

Pre-Renovation Bathroom

Thankfully, the time has now come to actually do something about those hideous blue tiles, the gross lino and the dated bathroom suite. Especially since the shower has now started leaking slightly into the kitchen... 

We're actually quite lucky with our bathroom; it's a pretty sizeable space which means there's room for a bath and a separate shower, which feels quite luxurious compared to the tiny, shower-only bathroom at our flat. We've played around with different layouts, but because of where the windows and door lie, we're a bit restricted so it'll probably end up in pretty much the same arrangement. 

Monochrom Bathroom Inspiration.png

Clockwise from bottom left: Source Unknown // Home Adore // Source Unknown // Curbly // British Ceramic Tile

As our kitchen is monochrome, I'd like to carry that theme through into the bathroom. As it's not a space you spend a lot of time in, I think there's room for it to be a little bolder than the rest of the house. Patterned tiles, black doors and walls, and metallic fixtures are very much the order of the day. Throw a few plants and some fancy new towels into the equation and I'll be a very happy homeowner. But really, my main aim is just to have a dimmable light switch that's separate from the extractor fan; imagine being able to have a bath without glaring spotlights and a constant background hum? That really would be luxurious...