Weekend Link Love


Hey, friends! I hope you've all had wonderful weeks. I've been re-reading some old favourite books, which is a heart-warming way to spend the time, checking out some comedy with my work pals, and thinking a whole lot about feminism. It's something that occupies my mind on a fairly regular basis anyway, so there's no doubt that International Women's Day would bring it more to the fore. I've been musing a little bit on a post about my life as a feminist - it's been a big part of my identity for about ten years now, and it's exciting to see changes happening (and frustrating when nothing seems to change). Would you be interested in such a thing? As well as contemplating life, the universe and everything, I've also been whipping up some of this Easter Rocky Road, celebrating the engagement of some sweet friends of ours and - as you read this - checking out my new house-to-be again. This time with tape measure in hand! I bought my first piece to go in the house - a gorgeous West Elm rug that we got for pretty much half price, so I hope I'm not jinxing it now. How about you?