Weekend Link Love


[Photo by Death to Stock Photo]

Hey friends! How are you all doing? In case you missed it yesterday, we (mostly) bought a house this week. I know that the process is unlikely to be a smooth one, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for now. I feel like I'm already a house-buying bore, so I had to rack my mind to think of what else has been going on this week. I made pancakes! As I'm sure the rest of you did, as well, as you are reasonable human beings. I went to book club! I love talking about books (and lots of other things) so that's always fun for me. Plus, Cheryl had made cinnamon buns with cream cheese frosting, so that was a total winner. And last night, we celebrated my sweet friend Sarah's birthday with plenty of drinks at the pub. So, in fact, there's been lots of non-house buying things going on - but it's funny how one thing can take over everything. What have you been up to? 

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