Weekend Link Love


[Photo by Joanna Kosinska]

Hey pals, how's it going? Last weekend we were squirrelled away in a North Yorkshire cottage with a hot tub and a log burning stove, and everything was right with the world. It was *so* nice to have a few days relaxing and not having to worry about 'to do' lists. Of course, as soon as we got back, all that started right back up again and I've been shooting around all over the place ever since. On Tuesday we were having dinner with our sweet friends Joe & Cheryl (I made vegan brownies - recipe coming soon!), on Wednesday I was ice skating with the Guides (only one major injury occurred...), on Thursday I was drinking champagne with Emma at the new Champagne Concept in Harrogate and dining next door at Norse (which may be the best way to spend an evening ever) and by Friday I was collapsed in a heap. Remind me to give myself a few more breaks, okay? I hope that you have all had amazing weeks - let's do it all again on Monday, shall we? 

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