4 Newsletters You Need In Your Inbox


[Photo by Olu Eletu]

Maybe I'm a little bit biased since I started my own newsletter to share my favourite links, recipes, shows & books with you on a weekly basis, but I really think that 2016 is the year of the newsletter. It feels a little strange, maybe, to go back to email as a medium for sharing after everything we've gone through on the Internet, but I'm really excited about where newsletters are going. It's time to get in on the action - here's a few of my current favourites: 

Lenny Letter

Wherever Lena goes, we shall follow, right? Lenny Letter is like a little online magazine filled with smart, insightful journalism delivered straight to your inbox. Some of my favourite online writers have been featured, and they've covered everything from interviews with female senators and trans models to personal pieces about learning to swim and experiencing endometriosis. Given that Lena Dunham is at the helm, you can expect a thoughtful, feminist leaning to all of the pieces but other than that, you never know what stories might make their way to you. It's a joy to pause in your work day and read a little bit of this newsletter.  

Girl Lost in the City 

Emma Gannon knows what's up when it comes to the online world. She's a journalist and writer (her first book, a memoir about living your life online is out this year) and her newsletter is stuffed full of links to the best stuff you need to be reading from across the Internet. With a focus on awesome women, feminism, blogging & life as a millennial, there's so much to discover in just one of her newsletters - it'll keep you busy for hours. She also shares book recommendations and an inspirational quote to set you on your way for the week. You're gonna want to get in on this. 

The Ann Friedman Weekly 

Ann Friedman is one of my favourite writers on the Internet. Her podcast with bestie Aminatou Sow, Call Your Girlfriend, is a total must-listen, trust me. It will change your life, in the best way. In her newsletter, she shares her favourite reads of the week - they tend to be feminist, political and/or economic in focus but in a way that's approachable and easy to read, which still being smart and thought-provoking. As well as some stuff that's just for fun, obviously. If you want to stay clued up about the world, this is a great place to start. 

The Dolly Mail 

This is a new newsletter that's already being talked about all over the Internet. Sent by Dolly Alderton, the Sunday Times Style dating columnist, expect stories and articles, features from other funny people around the Internet, some shopping recommendations and a recipe to top it all off. This is a delightful newsletter - this week's story about learning to be tough had me nodding in recognition and laughing out loud at my desk - and the different sections mean you can dip in and out depending on how you want to be distracted at that moment. Just lovely. 

Which newsletters are you loving right now?

Other newsletters I subscribe to and love: Those Who Wander / Lemon & Raspberry / Eat Me with Jessica Valenti / Buzzfeed Books & Buzzfeed Longform / XO Sarah / The Friday Wishlist / That's What She Said: Works and Words