Weekend Link Love


[Photo by Joseph Barrientos

Hey, friends! How are you getting on? As you read this, I'll be snuggled up in a holiday cottage in North Yorkshire - hopefully ready a book in front of the log fire, or maybe taking a nap after a pub lunch. Either way, it's going to be glorious. I'll still be sending my newsletter this afternoon, so subscribe now if you want in on the action - there's more of this good stuff in there!

This week, I've been celebrating turning 26 with dinner at one of my favourite restaurants in Leeds, viewing even more houses in the hopes that we find one to buy, baking lots of brownies & blondies, and making lots of plans for February. It's been a good one. I feel like I'm finally finding my feet in 2016 - I'm ready for the rest of the year to be full of even more celebrations, baking and planning.