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[Photo by Leeroy

Hey friends, how has your week been? It feels like everyone has been having a slightly strange time. I guess January is rather a strange month; it's a new beginning but it's also a time when you want to hibernate and stay away from the world. I've been super busy this week with book club and meals out and playing newspaper hockey with the Guides. I'm always torn between how much I love having so much fun stuff to do, and wanting to stay at home and do my knitting. I suspect that everyone feels that way though, sometimes. We've also booked our first ever house viewing (!) for a little place we're thinking of buying. Is this really happening? Am I a real life grown up? I think it might be. And I think I might be. I pulled out a hoodie from University to wear over my pyjamas last night, and it said '2009/10' on it. How can that be? I've said it before, but the days are long and the years really are short.