Knitting for a Good Cause

knit aid

[Photo by The Worldwide Tribe]

If you've been living in the world in the past six months, you have surely also heard, at least in passing, the stories of the refugees who have made their way to Europe looking for safety, only to find themselves in limbo in camps across the continent. It's been described by many as one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our lifetime, but it's dropped off the front pages recently as more 'exciting' takes the space. It's such a massive issue, it can be hard to wrap your head around it and in the face of so much pain and suffering, it's easy to feel impotent.

I have been humbled over the past few months to watch Jess and Jaz and everyone else at The Worldwide Tribe dedicate their time and energies to relieving some of that suffering, offering a hand of friendship and telling the stories of the people who are living in The Jungle and in Lesbos to the world. It is truly inspirational - a phrase which gets thrown around a lot on the Internet but in this case is very true.

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[Photos by The Worldwide Tribe

However, for many of us, such a commitment is not possible or even, dare I say it, desirable. I'm sure I'm not alone in having a bigger heart than I do wallet or diary - we all have a finite amount of time and resources to dedicate to the causes that matter to us. So, whilst I can donate money and cheer on from the sidelines, I have been feeling increasingly guilty about all of these people right on my doorstep, who deserve so much better. 

How to Knit a Snood // Amy Elizabeth

So, when I discovered Knit Aid through the Worldwide Tribe Instagram, I was ecstatic! This feels like a way I can help, pouring some time and love into knitting up snoods and hats to try and stave off the cold. I immediately ordered a whole bunch of wool and got to work. It feels like a bit of a selfish way to help, because I love knitting. I know I'm not the only one who finds it a relaxing hobby - I've had similar comments on my knitting posts before, so I wanted to spread the word in case you were maybe looking for a new crafty project, or had been feeling similar to me in the face of the refugee crisis. The Knit Aid patterns are very simple, so even if you're a beginner knitter then you can make a handmade donation to this very worthy cause. It really has been so cold recently, and every time a freezing blast of wind has hit me in the face, it is a stark reminder that there are a lot of people without central-heated homes to go to and it breaks my heart a little bit - I hope this small act can go some way towards making this winter a little warmer for them.