Weekend Link Love


[Photo by Padurariu Alexandru]

Hey pals! How are you doing? No doubt whilst you are reading this, I'm feeling very sorry for myself and suffering from the after effects of last night's work Christmas do. I'm very lucky to work somewhere with such lovely people, so I can hardly complain - but lord knows they like to drink! It's always fun to get dressed up in a sparkly dress and eat, drink and be merry, however, so I think whatever I'm suffering now is probably worth it. I'm very grateful for the Christmas period - I think we all need to let our hair down a bit, drink a little too much Prosecco and indulge a little too much in our favourite foods. It makes winter so much more bearable when there are twinkly lights everywhere, and a big stretch of time off work to look forward to. I'm already planning to clean my house from top to bottom and read as many books as I can get my hands on. I live a rock 'n' roll life, always. And on that note... here are a few links for rock 'n' roll Sunday reading!