Weekend Link Love


[Photo by Annie Spratt]

I am feeling full of Christmas cheer, right now. This week we've been playing Christmas tunes in the office, I've been baking lots of Christmas treats and last night we cosied up at The Mustard Pot's lodge, complete with roaring fire and Christmas jumpers a-plenty. I'm also kind of feeling like I'm ready for a new year. I always get a bit antsy at this time of year; it's like when you get near to the end of a notebook and it feels all messy so you just want to start a new, blank one rather than using up the last few pages. There are so many things I want to get cracking with, but the busy-ness of the Christmas season means that they have to wait for the New Year. That said, I'm trying to enjoy that busy-ness this year - we've already bought all of our Christmas presents and the tree is up so all that's left is to pour another glass of mulled wine and get cracking!