wedding at left bank leeds This year I…

Paul and Amy by Jenna Woodward Photography


tivoli gardens 2

  • Drove in my gorgeous new Mini. I'll never have such a fancy car again. 
  • Took a trip back to my alma mater
  • Lost myself in bookstores and in the books themselves. 
  • Despaired whilst searching Rightmove for our potential future home.
  • Bought my first ever designer handbag. 
  • Cried during my wedding speech.

Leeds City Wedding

  • Collected a whole lot of cookbooks. 
  • Danced like a loon with my family at my Dad's wedding.
  • Ate everything at Leeds Indie Food Festival and being so proud of this city.
  • Welcomed my sister into our home for a year.

Haworth, Yorkshire // Amy Elizabeth

  • Gave a standing ovation at The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.
  • Drank cocktails in a secret garden with some of my favourite people.
  • Ate a pig's trotter (and a whole heap of other stuff).
  • Reminded myself that the best is truly yet to come. 
  • Made lots of plans for 2016...