Weekend Link Love


[Photo by Sebastian Unrau]

Phew! You might have been able to tell from the radio silence on this here blog that it's been a pretty hectic couple of weeks for me. The pre-Christmas rush always takes me by surprise, and this year it's been intense. I am working on trying to enjoy rather than just endure this season, but it's not always easy when it's pouring with rain outside and you don't have time to catch your breath. Of course, there's nothing really to complain about - everyone is busy, all the time. Have you ever asked someone how they are, and had them reply that everything is chilled and they actually wished they had more to do? Chance would be a fine thing. I like writing these little wrap-ups because they remind me that I've actually got a lot of lovely things in my life right now - when you're in the mire of working hard, it can be hard to appreciate them. This weekend has consisted of some much-needed downtime and TV catch-up. Have you guys been watching Master of None? I am newly obsessed with Asis Anzari. What an incredible, funny, thoughtful show. It just proves that you can have a social conscience and still be damn hilarious - you really must watch it. Last weekend we headed down south for my Uncle Giles' 50th birthday party, which meant everyone talking loudly over each other, trying to squish into my grandparents little living room despite all being full grown adults now (or about two-thirds of a full grown adult in my case). I feel very lucky to come from such a big, wonderful family, and to get to be friends with my siblings as well as just family. We had dinner with my brother and his girlfriend, Jess, at a lovely country pub with a proper fire, and didn't stop talking all night. I need to make more time for my family, for sure. They're pretty ace. How have you guys been? Any stories for me?