November Listening to Christmas music. Too early, too schmearly. 

Drinking as many Christmas drinks as I can. (See above). 

Exploring Haworth and falling in love with Yorkshire all over again. 

Knitting baby blankets and squeeing over all the new arrivals in my life. 

Running 10k - a lot more slowly than last year. 

Working my little socks off. This has been an intense few weeks. 

Giving myself a break - I can't do it all! 

Chatting long into the night at Sarah and Ste's house, after a delicious home-cooked pie. There's nothing better. 

Buying all the knitwear and intensive moisturiser - winter is here! 

Planning an early 2016 getaway to the middle of the woods.

Nodding along to Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic. It might be just the kickstart I need for 2016.  

Learning Spanish with Duolingo. I'm 1% fluent! This could take a while... 

Eating all the cheese at the Cheese Cafe in Leeds. Yep, you heard me right. 

Shouting to be heard at a family gathering. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Toasting the amazing work my brother's girlfriend, Jess, is doing on The Worldwide Tribe. 

How about you?