How to Knit a Simple Men's Scarf

simple mens scarf

Last year I went on a mission to knit snoods for my nearest and dearest lady friends. It was an intense couple of months of knitting, but I'm pretty sure everyone was pleased with their snoods by the end of it! Paul, however, was a bit put out that I hadn't knitting anything up for him and, with the weather turning chilly, demanded (nicely, he would hasten to add) that I make him a scarf, too. I searched the Internet high and low for more 'masculine' looking scarves - there are so many patterns for cute, feminine scarves or scarves for kids but not so many that would work for Paul. I eventually stumbled across this pattern for a 'Boyfriend Scarf', which seemed simple enough. I used claret-coloured wool, but they had some other great colours - I like the greens and the mustard-y colour, too. It took less than a week of knitting in front of the TV in the evenings to finish off, so this was a great little project before I embark on yet another baby blanket! 

Scarves are a really great project if you're a beginner knitter, or even an advanced knitter who just wants to relax in front of the television. There's very little to worry about with this scarf - not a whole lot of counting stitches or rows. As long as you can cast on, do a knit stitch and a purl stitch, and cast off, you'll be fine. If you can't? I've linked to some good tutorials to get you started - it really is easier than it looks! The large needles and large wool will also help you along. I wasn't particularly precise for this scarf, I just knitted until I'd used up two balls of wool, which was long enough for Paul.

Good luck! 

mens scarf tutorial

You’ll need: 

  • 10mm knitting needles
  • 2 balls of Lion Brand Wool Ease (or similar super chunky wool) 
  • Scissors 
  • Large sewing needle 

1. Cast on 20 stitches. 

2. Knit two rows. 

3. Knit two, purl two along the next two rows, finishing on a purl stitch. 

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have finished the first ball of wool. 

5. Add the second ball of wool and continue as before. Stop when you have a metre or so left of yarn. 

5. Cast off

6. Weave in the ends of your yarn using the sewing needle and trim any excess wool.