Weekend Link Love

doughnuts at belgrave feast leeds Hey friends, how are you all doing? I am getting right back into the swing of things after our two week honeymoon in the USA. It was great to have such a long break and to spend all that time exploring new places, but I am glad to be home. I am a homebody at heart, and I like routine. That said, the past few days have been so busy, I'm already planning our next break! Yesterday we headed to Belgrave Feast with Emma - can you believe it was my first time in attendance? I gorged myself on delicious Parmo (more of this in Leeds, please!) and freshly cooked doughnuts before retiring home to read some Margaret Atwood and nap. A great Saturday, if ever there was one. 

Having some time away from things has also given me a bit of perspective on how I'm spending my time, and the projects that I take on. I know that we all bemoan how busy we are, but I feel like this is the time of my life to get stuck into things, to say yes to everything that comes along and dream big about where my side hustles can take me. You can sleep when you're dead, right? I'm making plans and trying new things, and that's always exciting. 

How are things with you? How have you been whilst I was away? 

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