Weekend Link Love


[Photo by Jordan McQueen]

Is it just me that has a calendar booked up until after Christmas? I don't say that to boast about my popularity, but more to commiserate with you if you are in a similar situation. I've been trying to find a date to go to the new cheese cafe in Leeds (yep, you heard me right) but for the last two weeks it's been proving impossible. How can that be? Work and friends and family and life fill up so much time. And yet, I think I'm okay with it, for now. This won't always be how it is, and I think I'd rather fill my time to the brim whilst I can. That said, I'm already looking forward to hibernating during the Christmas break. I'm going to bake and read books and maybe not change out of my pyjamas all day. 

I can hardly complain when I get to do so many wonderful things with my time. This week I carved pumpkins with the Guides (my first time, ever!), made a fabric Christmas wreath at a workshop with some lovely gal pals (can I say gal pals?!) and gorged myself silly at the Fat Faced Cat Supper Club last night. 12 courses, people. It's too many for one person to handle, but it was glorious in its impossibility. Plus, as the name suggests, they have an adorable cat. What have you been up to this week?