october Cheering on the Phillies at our first ever baseball game! 

Getting lost in the shelves at Kramer Books. A definite must-visit. 

Buying my first ever fancy handbag. I can see why people get addicted... 

Drinking Old Fashioneds. I think it's my new cocktail of choice. 

Finishing our honeymoon and returning back to earth (or Leeds, as it's more commonly known...).

Marvelling at the colours of Autumn leaves. Cliched but true. 

Visiting my oldest friend in her new home.

Driving in my brand new, totally beautiful car! 

Starting Christmas crafts early this year at Chirpy. 

Eating my fill at the Fat Faced Cat Supper Club. 

Running occasionally, but not as often as I should be. 

Volunteering at Guides, and loving it! 

Trying Parmo for the first time at Belgrave Feast. A new obsession!

Chatting all things books at my new Book Club. 

Reading Stephen King for the first time, and cursing that I didn't sooner. 

Baking all the pies. So satisfying.  

Wearing my winter coat for the first time this season.