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Part of the reason why I wanted to share our wedding snaps on the blog is so I can show off the incredible people who helped make the whole day happen, in the hopes that someone else who is looking for wedding suppliers will stumble across my recommendations.

If you are planning a wedding in Leeds or Yorkshire, then all of these wonderful people and companies come with my highest praise so I hope you do check them out! 

Photography - Jenna Woodward Photography 

wedding flowers

I've said it before and I'll say it a thousand times more, but hiring Jenna and Ewan to take our photos was the best decision that we made for our wedding. It was the first thing we sorted because I knew as soon as I saw her photos that I wanted Jenna on board Team Wedding! We are so thrilled with all of the photos (almost all 800 of them!), and I hope you'll agree with how beautiful she made everything look! 

Wedding Dress - The Bridal Emporium 

wedding dress

Claire at The Bridal Emporium designed and made my beautiful dress for me, from a handful of Pinterest pictures and my vague ramblings about tutus and sparkles. She made the whole process feel really fun, and made my dreams of pink and sparkles into something beautiful and classy. Her shop is absolutely gorgeous, filled with vintage treasures and pretty pieces, and she is an absolute dream. My wedding dress was still one of the most expensive things that I have ever bought, but it was exactly what I wanted and I felt so much better giving all of that money over to Claire, who designed and made the whole thing herself here in Leeds, than I did to a big name wedding brand. 

Wedding Rings - Tiago Jewellery 

rings by tiago jewellery

This is the only non-Leeds supplier on the list but I wanted to give a little shout out to the company that made our wedding rings. Paul was adamant that he wanted a ring made of Sheffield Steel, and this was the only place I could find that could guarantee that the steel was Sheffield born-and-raised, as it were. He was obviously passionate about his job, and about Sheffield, and we got to meet his amazing dog, which made the whole process a total win. Our rings were exactly as we wanted them, and we couldn't be happier. 

Wedding Food - El Kantina 

el kantina

I wanted our wedding meal to reflect some of our favourite food. Too often wedding food can be a little bland and forgettable, which is the curse of trying to cater for a large number of people, but I was adamant that I wanted something a bit more exciting. As we both love Mexican food, it was definitely a no-brainer. We initially approached our favourite restaurant, Pinche Pinche, to see if they could help us out but when that sadly proved impossible, we sought out El Kantina. They couldn't have been more helpful and, having worked with our venue before, made the whole process so easy. The food was delicious and although I didn't each much myself (having too much fun!), some people went back for seconds, which is always a good sign! 

food by el kantina

Wedding Cake - The Sunshine Bakery

wedding cake by sunshine bakery

For a while I toyed with the idea of making my own wedding cake, but in the end I'm glad I decided against it as our cake from Sunshine Bakery was totally delicious and super reasonably priced. They really are lovely in there, and made my dreams of a naked chocolate wedding cake adorned with fresh berries into a tasty reality. I'm sure I've mentioned before that I've barely ever eaten the cake at other people's weddings, and most people I've talked to have said the same. People definitely got stuck into this one though, probably because it looked so gosh darn beautiful. If you're after any sort of cake, I have no doubt that the Sunshine Bakery can sort you out! 

Wedding Cheese Cake - George & Joseph 

cheese cake by george and joseph leeds

What is a wedding without cheese? That was a question that I didn't want to answer, so of course we headed to our friendly neighbourhood cheesemonger to craft us a wonderful, Pinterest-worthy cheese cake. It was made up of all Yorkshire cheeses, and came in at around £100 - which is a bargain for anything wedding-related. The cheese cake was one of the best parts of the wedding - everyone was raving about it, and it was almost entirely demolished by the end of the day. 

Wedding Venue - Left Bank Leeds

left bank leeds

If you're looking for a slightly quirky wedding venue in Leeds, then I can highly recommend Left Bank. It really was beautiful once it was all lit up, and was so unlike the many marquees, hotel rooms and barns we've been in for weddings before. The team there were really helpful and had lots of contacts to make the decorating/setting up/catering process easy. The space was really flexible and comfortably accommodated our 120+ guests both day and night. The bar stocks local beers and organic wines, and were able to add some specific beers and spirits that we wanted without a problem. The ceiling was my favourite, it really is stunning, and the stained glass windows were a sight to behold. 

wedding at left bank leeds