Weekend Link Love

stationary flat lay How has your week been, pals? I'm on the countdown to holidays now; isn't it kinda ironic that you have to work extra hard in the few weeks leading up to your relaxing time off? There's always so much to do and there never seems enough time to do it in, especially when you're taking two weeks out of your life just to have fun. It's worth it though, and things definitely aren't all bad. I kind of like being extra busy, in a weird way. 

This week I finally finished watching The Fall Season 2. Have you seen that show? If not, go out and watch it right now - Gillian Anderson is a total triumph in it. I also baked a pie, drank some beer at the Leeds International Beer Festival, bought and then returned a massive ASOS order because nothing was right, and cried over Great British Bake Off. What a week. My sister also moved in with us yesterday, so we're working out how to have three of us in this flat. It's going to be interesting, but fun. 

How about you?