Weekend Link Love


(Photo by Luis Llerena)

Hey friends! Another bumper round of links for you this week. I really need to get more organised, that is for sure. Today I am having a catch up day - lots of baking, blogging and Orange is the New Black. (Anyone else crazy excited for the new series  this week?!). It's a bit of a downer, because the sunshine is so beautiful, but I know that having everything sorted will make the week so much simpler and easier, so a little sacrifice is necessary. 

It's not like I've not been doing loads of fun stuff recently, anyway. Last weekend was for barbecues in the garden and Sunday roasts with Paul's family. It's neat how being in a couple nets you a whole extra bunch of people to call family. This weekend was for walking the Meanwood Valley Trail, which was a bit of adventure. We encountered some goats and a tiny puppy and an ice cream van on our way, although not the crayfish or lizards promised in the brochure. And  then last night we ate our fill of tacos and drank margaritas at our favourite restaurant in Leeds, Pinche Pinche. So all in all, a total beaut of a weekend. Much needed, because work has been crazy busy recently. Plus, I've decided to take on a bunch of personal projects which are filling up time - including crocheting a cushion and baking everything from Joy the Baker's first book. My cookbook collection often gets neglected, so it's time to start actually using it! 

What have you been up to?