Our Copenhagen Trip

copenhagen grafitti

After the wedding, we took a little trip to Copenhagen for a few days. I'd heard so much about the city, and I definitely wasn't disappointed. It was a hipster's paradise with bikes, beards and craft beer everywhere - like Leeds on a much bigger, better scale! 

copenhagen park

We stayed in a gorgeous airbnb apartment on the edge of Vesterbrø, and spent our days hopping from cafe to restaurant to bar and back again. It was exactly what we wanted and needed. I won't bore you with a detailed itinerary of our trip, but if you are planning on heading to the city and are feeling a bit lost, these are the best things we did whilst there: 

Torvehallerne 1

Torvehallerne - half-filled with market stalls of fresh produce, half-filled with stalls and vans with street food ready to munch on right there, it's a great place to while away a few hours and try something a bit different! 

copenhagen street food

Copenhagen Street Food - the coolest place I've probably ever been. Right on the water, this warehouse is crammed full of different street food vans and bars serving up beer and cocktails. We sat in the sunshine outside in deck chairs, munched on massive burgers and drank G&Ts. Oh, and we got to play with a pug that belonged to the people sat next to us. Amazing.  

copenhagen street food sign

Sticks'n'Sushi - our fanciest treat of the week. This restaurant is at the top of the Tivoli Hotel, with fantastic views, and serves up absolutely fantastic sushi. Definitely worth splurging on, if only so you can sit on their swings and watch the sun set after your meal. 

little mermaid

The Little Mermaid - she looks a little bit sad, but as one of the main tourist attractions, you have to at least pay her a visit! 

Kødbyen - okay, maybe this is the coolest place I've ever been! Copenhagen's meat-packing district transforms at night to a total hipster paradise, with uber-cool restaurants, bars and clubs full of the young, beautiful and bearded. We stopped at War Pigs where they serve up craft beers from taps in the wall, and piles of barbecue food on trays, but Mother is also supposed to be amazing. Definitely not one to miss if you're in the city over the weekend. 

Mikkeller - more craft beer, if that's a surprise! This cute little bar is tucked away below street level and serves up a selection of their own brews. It's a bit rough around the edges, with wooden tables and little decoration, but if you're a beer aficionado then you'll love it! 

hot dog

Foderbrættet - right on the main street in Vesterbrø, this bar serves up delicious hot dogs and glasses of champagne, and not a lot else. It's an unusual combination - the fanciest drink with one of the least-fancy foodstuffs - but it works. This was our first stop once we'd settled into our apartment, and that first glass of champagne was very welcome! 

tivoli gardens

Tivoli Gardens - you can't come to Copenhagen and not go to Tivoli Gardens. A delightful little theme park in the centre of the city, full of magical nooks and crannies housing unusual plants, wildlife (we saw peacocks!) as well as cotton candy stalls and restaurants for bigger meals. It's wonderful to walk around, and I'm sure even better if you like rides! Definitely worth a visit at least once. 

tivoli gardens 2