What I Want to Remember


(Photo by Emma

My phone going off about a million times in the morning with congratulatory texts (and some organisation bits). 

My Mum crying when the flowers were delivered. And then pretty much constantly all day! 

Michelle and my Mum blowdrying my dress after I accidentally spilled water on it, just before we left... 

A lovely lady from the hotel lending me her pink, spotty umbrella. 

Feeling all that nervous energy, waiting to go into the ceremony. Nothing prepares you for that. 

Having a Vicar of Dibley moment whilst repeating the vows, cutting off the registrar. Clearly been to too many weddings - I know them off by heart! 

Taking selfies on the Town Hall steps with Emma. 

Paul trying to fish out the confetti that had got caught between the layers of my dress. Keeping it classy... 

Being told over and again that it was the most organised and on time wedding that people had been to. Everything went smoothly, and for that I am so grateful. 

Getting a round of applause when we arrived at Left Bank. It looked so beautiful all lit up! 

Glasses of Prosecco being handed to me all night long. What generous guests we had. 

Helena rushing over to give me a touch up halfway through the official photos. No shiny T-Zone for me. 

The bridal party posing boy-band style on the LOVE letters. 

Jumping both the food and the bathroom queue. There are definitely privileges to being a bride! 

Climbing into the pulpit to do my speech and being met with an almost-standing ovation. If I wasn't crying before, then I certainly was then! 

Stu doing an airpunch whenever Stu Casa was mentioned in the speeches. 

Paul doubled up with embarrassment during the Best Man's speech. It wasn't all that bad... 

Having delicious cuddles with baby Lydia, who made it to the wedding at just 2 weeks old. We were totally matching (she was wearing a pink onesie). 

The rush towards the cheese cake as soon as we had cut it. It was a bit of struggle to get through the layers... 

Spying people wearing our 'Team Groom' and 'Team Bride' badges. 

Throwing the bouquet to a very willing group of people (and witnessing the minor tiff that the outcome caused...). 

Seeing my beautiful bridesmaids descending on the dance floor during the first dance. They were total stunners. 

Watching my Great Uncle Jim spinning some moves with various bridesmaids throughout the night. 

Singing Let It Go very loudly with Paul and my two nieces. 

Deciding to dance to Taylor Swift instead of taking advantage of the evening food. I'm a little bit sad I didn't get to try anything, but sometimes you've just got to Shake It Off! 

Teresa unsuccessfully trying to convince my brother to dance all night. 

Doing a tequila shot with my University friends. 

Twirling endlessly to Don't Stop Believing, as the final dance of the night. 

Paul wearing his wedding ring to sleep, because he didn't want to take it off. 

Waking up to a million Facebook notifications and photos - they've not stopped coming since!