Weekend Link Love

New York

[Photo by Alyssa Smith]

Hey friends! It feels like forever since we've had a little catch-up and shared some link love, but I am back with a vengeance (and with a bumper set of links for you, grab your cuppa now!). Obviously it's been a very hectic few weeks for me - I got married! That was pretty ace. It was a super fun day and I got to wear a sparkly dress and marry Paul and eat cake. Can I tell you a secret though? As fun as it, and our subsequent mini-honeymoon in Copenhagen, was - I am quite glad to get back to normal. I thrive on routine and structure. I am already a boring married lady, and I am totally fine with it. In fact, the afternoon after we got back from Copenhagen, we went to IKEA and bought a chair. And then the next day I decluttered our whole bedroom, which brought me almost as much joy as sipping cocktails at Sticks n Sushi. Almost. 

This week has been a return to Leeds life, and I've basically been skipping around I'm so happy. It is a true joy for my everyday life to feel like a treat, and I hope this feeling lasts forever. I've been making some plans for fun things in the future, getting back into running and giving Tuna lots of scruffles to make up for leaving her with a stranger for a week. A stranger to her, not to us, I might add! On Thursday Emma and I went to the opening of The Liquorist on Greek Street; it's a replacement for and an improvement on The Living Room with some lovely design touches - it's worth popping in if you're after a happy hour cocktail or two. We also gorged ourselves silly at Cielo Blanco, which was a great way to spend a Thursday evening! 

What have you all been up to, then? Tell me about your lives!