wedding dance

[Photo by Jenna Woodward Photography

Marrying my favourite person in the whole world. 

Appreciating everyone's generosity, well-wishes and slut-drops at the wedding. 

Feeling very lucky for all our friends and family. They are excellent. 

Exploring Copenhagen and already wanting to go back. 

Savouring the post-wedding glow. 

Eating everything at Leeds Indie Food Festival

Loving Chef and listening to the soundtrack ever since we watched it. 

Decluttering our entire house. It feels so good. Eight bags gone! 

Prancing in my new jumpsuit - so much fun to wear! 

Looking forward to so many trips and weekends away. 

Pairing coffee and cheese at Opposite. It's a new thing. I'm into it. 

Drinking tequila with Emma on a Thursday night. The chaser was necessary. 

Painting Nick & Helena's spare room in return for epic pulled pork. 

Loving life (and this city) at Leeds Feast. Did you go? 

Soaking it all up at Stu's annual barbecue. My favourite day of the year, for sure. 

Reading the same book for weeks. It's long and hard-going, but fascinating. 

Finishing my first crochet project and starting a new one immediately! 

Knowing that even though it's been the greatest month ever, the best is yet to come. 

How about you?