(Photo by Leigh Kendell)

Living it up in Meanwood over the Easter weekend. 

Eating an entire giant Lindt bunny all myself. 

Stressing about all things wedding. 

Getting excited about all things wedding, too... 

Cheering for Sheffield Uni at their Varsity Ice Hockey match. 

Gazing at the stars at Kielder Observatory. 

Bouncing around Kielder Water in the sunshine. Sometimes I can be outdoorsy... 

Spending hours in the hairdressers. Full highlights are not quick! 

Cooking a delicious Lamb Kleftiko for friends over Easter. Definitely one to make again! 

Learning to crochet at Baa Ram Ewe. 

Crocheting everything in sight! I've definitely got the bug. 

Driving more often. I think I'm getting the hang of it... 

Craving salad. Probably because of that Lindt bunny. 

Watching Gone Girl. I think I preferred the movie to the book, which never happens. 

How about you?