Weekend Link Love


(Photo by Maja Petric

Life has gone into overdrive over the past couple of weeks, and it's not left much space in my brain for blogging. We're just under a month away from the wedding, which means spending free time tying twine around jars and chasing people for RSVPs. It's not so much fun. But there are definitely some exciting parts. My hen do was last weekend, and it was so lovely to see everyone - it's the greatest joy to watch your friends making friends with each other. We also had our engagement shoot with Jenna and Ewan, and although it was slightly awkward and chilly, the photos are wonderful. I'm excited to share them with you! On top of that, work has been full throttle for weeks, and then there's all that pesky socialising to be done. I shouldn't complain, really, but I am definitely looking forward to the four day weekend for a little bit of R&R. Have you got any plans for Easter? I think I'm going to cook some lamb and binge watch Orange is the New Black.