Weekend Link Love


(Photo by Kiran Valipa)

Whilst I'm sure you weren't pining for my absence, it feels good to be back! I took an unplanned hiatus last week because blogging on top of everything else would have just been too much. Life is ramped up to full throttle at the moment: we're less than 7 weeks from the wedding, so we're tying up all the loose ends there; I had a bit of a crisis re: next week's hen do, with a small mishap sending everything awry for a few days; work is super busy and of course, all the regular life stuff is still finding it's way into the melee. I'm excited for the wedding, but I think I'm even more excited for the few days in Copenhagen afterwards when I can relax, read and stuff myself full of food and wine. Proper time off is most definitely needed. But enough about me. How are you?