(Photo by Death to the Stock Photo

Experiencing a bit of writer's block. 

Feeling very loved at my hen do. 

Cutting out hundreds of paper hearts. 

Baking hot cross buns (unsuccessfully...). 

Making my own gyoza (more successfully...).

Playing with a baby kitten (but still loving Tuna the best).

Recording more podcasts with Emma - you can listen to us on The High Tea Cast

Posing awkwardly for engagement photos in Leeds city centre. 

Enjoying impromptu dinners with some of my favourite girls. 

Spilling soy sauce down my white shirt at Little Tokyo. 

Loving my new Naked 3 palette. So many pretty colours. 

Recovering from a nasty cold. Hopefully the last of the year. 

Shivering ... because our boiler has broken. 

Eating lots of salad. Feeling smug about it, too. 

Reading food magazines. It's nice to see food photography on paper. 

Waking up to bright mornings. I have never been so grateful for sunshine. 

How about you?