Weekend Link Love


(Photo by André Freitas)

Hey friends, how's it going? I'll be honest with you, this week has been a tough one. I am glad that it is over. Bereavement, work stress, wedding crises, and just general overwhelm have taken over our lives and it's been a bit rough. Of course, those things don't just go away because a new week starts, but it does feel like a Monday is a chance to restart and rewrite so whilst no one really loves Mondays, I am quite looking forward to tomorrow. However, it's not all doom and gloom (is it ever?). My baby sister came to stay this week to interview at Leeds Uni (she got in, obviously) so it was fun to hang out with her a little bit, even if I wasn't at my best. It'll be so great if she comes to this city in September - living far away from family is definitely not ideal so the more that move here the better! Today we are visiting a couple of secondhand bookshops (the best!), powering through some wedding prep, baking more bread (I'm addicted) and pub quizzing tonight. They say a Sunday well spent brings a week of content; let's hope so.