Weekend Link Love


Happy Day-After-Valentine's-Day everyone! I hope your life is filled with love of all kinds. Did you do anything romantic to celebrate? I ate dumplings at Dorshi and then went for drinks with all of my friends. I'm not sure if that counts as romantic. It feels it to me. This week has been pretty intense, work-wise so I'm quite grateful for a low-key weekend. We're Pub Quiz-ing tonight, which I think is the most taxing thing that I will have to do. 

This week I ate all the Thai food at My Thai, a new place behind the Merrion Centre in Leeds. It was £30 for two of us, including two courses and a bottle of wine, making it maybe the cheapest place I've ever eaten. I was so full of delicious rice by the end, which is a pretty excellent result for a Tuesday night. I've also read two books - one brilliant, one not so much - as well as perfecting a pasta sauce recipe, rearranging my cookbook shelf, and making hundreds of pancakes for a recipe over on The High Tea Cast. All in all, a successful week. How was yours?