Weekend Link Love

pancake smily face

(Photo by Gratisography)

I'm back! Did you miss me? I spent last weekend (and most of last week) on my sick bed with a nasty cold, but now I'm back better than ever (sort of). As well as dosing myself up on Lemsip and trying not to cough on conference calls, I also turned 25 (no big), had an absolutely wonderful dinner at Roast & Conch (seriously, so good) and attended the Fat Faced Cat Supper Club which was a triumph. I also added to my Le Creuset collection with a beautiful coastal blue shallow casserole dish - it's love, for real, posted my wedding invites, discovered Gu Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and appeared on my first ever podcast! Phew! Not bad for someone with a high temperature and inflamed sinuses, eh? I've also rounded up all these lovely links for you - I hope you enjoy!