to do list

(Photo by Death to the Stock Photo

Feeling a bit overwhelmed. 

Baking all the scones and all the bread. 

Making my own lemon curd. And all the to do lists. 

Booking a crochet class so I can keep up with my resolutions! 

Listening to the Longform podcast and plenty of Ed Sheeran. 

Wearing all stripes, all the time.

Decluttering my bookshelves and saying goodbye to my feminist theory textbooks. 

Spending a weekend in Sheffield with friends it does my heart good to see. 

Collecting jam jars and tea lights for hipster wedding decor. 

Eating honey mustard chicken, at least once a week. 

Reading all of our RSVPs. They're coming in thick and fast now. 

Hosting my sister, and taking her to her University interview. 

Skipping down the street with my sweet niece. She's so fun. 

Enjoying my rare evenings in alone. Just me and Tuna, chilling out. 

Dancing to '00s hip hop at the Maven. So good I couldn't leave, even when my feet hurt. 

Escaping work for lunch with two of my favourites. This needs to happen more often. 

Testing my knowledge at the pub quiz. Need to brush up... 

How about you?