Decluttering - Throw Away 100 Things


I have become a bit obsessed with de-cluttering. I know I'm not the only one; the blogosphere is awash with articles on capsule wardrobes, minimalism and stripping back to basics. I am a naturally untidy person who really hates to live in a messy house. The best solution for this problem is to clear out all of the unnecessary clutter - more space on shelves and in drawers makes it easier to keep things tidy, even for my lazy self, and means we get that neat, clean look when we've bothered to tidy, rather than the organised chaos that I used to live in.

I usually get the urge to declutter at the end of the season, as I put away the clothes that I won't need once the weather turns, I try to get rid of anything that I haven't worn, or barely worn, in the past few months. It's unlikely that I'll fall back in love with them if I've gone a whole season without pulling them out of the drawers. In turn, that sends me off in a flurry, searching every room in the house for unwanted and unloved items. We naturally accumulate stuff as we go through life so it's worth reassessing every now and again whether everything you're storing in your house is serving its purpose. Books you won't re-read, beauty products you weren't wow-ed by, clothes that don't fit (your body or your style), and other bits and pieces that are no longer working for you. What's that saying? Never have anything in your house that you don't believe to be useful or beautiful. 

Throwing away 100 things is a great place to get started when you're not used to decluttering. I've become ruthless over the years, but I was once very sentimental and wanted to cling on to everything. However, even if you're the type to hoard old cinema tickets and birthday cards, I bet you can find 100 things in your house to get rid of. I say throw away, but of course, I mean just remove from your house - charity shops, eBay, Freecycle and re-gifting are all better ways to get rid of stuff that you don't want anymore. 100 things seems like a lot, but once you get started you'll be surprised how quickly you can chisel away at the total - one trip to my bookshelf and I was almost halfway there. All in all, I got rid of: 

  • 32 books 
  • 20 beauty products 
  • 1 hair doughnut 
  • 1 pair of sunglasses
  • 3 key rings
  • 1 Christmas cracker toy
  • 4 board games 
  • 2 photo frames 
  • 21 pieces of jewellery 
  • 12 plastic cups 
  • 2 jumpers
  • 1 pair of boots 

See? 100 things, easy. You can repeat this exercise as often as you see fit - once a month, perhaps, or just once a year. If you're anything like me, you'll get the decluttering bug!