Weekend Link Love


(Photo by Chelsea Francis)

Can we be British for a moment and talk about the weather. It is bumming me out. We've been so lucky up until now that winter's been fairly manageable but it's got to that time when I just want to hibernate. It's snowed on and off all week.It is too cold and too dark. Bring on Daylight Savings, amiright? 

That being said, this week has actually been rather fun, in between dodging the icky weather. On Tuesday we went for some tapas at Bilbao Bar in Granary Wharf (watch out for a review later this week!), and then on Friday we gathered together some of our besties and headed to the cinema to see Into The Woods. I love a musical. We also had burgers at Five Guys which was really good - better than I expected, actually. It was rammed in there and felt like a proper American diner. The cheese was that plasticky American cheese which is kind of perfect on a burger. I know Leeds feels like its saturated with burgers at the moment, but I think these (five) guys are here to stay. 

As well as all that, I finished reading Caitlin Moran's How to Build a Girl, which was brilliant and made me cry, finished off our wedding invites and slow cooked a delicious joint of belly pork. So all in all, a success. How was your week?