Weekend Link Love

rain boots

Hey friends! I've got a little something for you today. Have you heard of Uber? They're a private hire car service which you can use totally through your phone - so you can order a car, track it, and, most importantly, pay all at the click of a button. No cash needed! They've recently launched in Leeds and we've pretty much abandoned regular taxis because it's so much easier than scrabbling around for pound coins at the end of the night. If you fancy trying them out, sign up here using the code UBERAMYLIZ and get £15 off your first ride. Given that my most recent bill was for £3.51, if you're not going too far that'll probably mean a free ride! 

Not only that. but I've got all these lovely links for you - my first batch of the year. I know there is plenty more good stuff to come. I think it's too soon to call the kind of year that 2015 is going to be (although it's been pretty decent so far) but I have a good feeling about it.