pebble beach

Photo by Jeremy Cai

Making resolutions

Keeping some of them... 

Trying on my wedding ring for the first time (and realising how small my hands are!) 

Sending wedding invites - we're only 3 months out now! 

Turning 25 (a whole quarter of a century!) 

Feeling too sick to celebrate right now. I will, though

Cooking in my brand new Le Creuset casserole dish. It's love. 

Doing jury duty, and getting a lot of reading done as a result. 

Singing along to Into The Woods and sort-of wishing I still lived with Musical Theatre students 

Trying some adventurous dishes at The Swine That Dines (blog post to come!) 

Wishing for Spring, for more sunlight, longer days and being able to leave the house without a coat! 

Planning a road trip along the East Coast of the US for our honeymoon 

Drinking Yorkshire Margaritas at Bilbao Bar

Appearing on my very first podcast! Exciting, but nerve-wracking... 

Missing my first Weekend Link Love for months - I'll be back with more on Sunday. 

Eating lots of spinach. Expecting to turn into Popeye any day now! 

How about you?