Ice Breakers #3


(Photo by Chalffy Chan)

Blogging is a rather one-sided process - I write, you read and that's about as much there is to it. But I'm always intrigued as to who is behind the screen; some of you reach out to me with emails and Facebook messages and comments, so I know a little bit about you, but I'm always curious - I want to know more! So, let's break the ice and share some thoughts. 

1. Do you have any New Year's Resolutions? 

2. What was the best part of 2014 for you? 

3. Are there any foods that you just can't stand? What are they? 

4. Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? Why? 

5. Do you consider yourself more of an optimist or a pessimist? An extrovert or an introvert? 


1. You can read my New Year's Resolutions right here, but my major one is reading 100 books. I've read 6 so far, which feels like good progress. I also really want to learn to crochet and be better at baking bread.

2. 2014 was my best year ever. I say that every year, but I think I really mean it this time around. Obviously, getting engaged to Paul was a pretty big highlight, and celebrating the weddings of so many of our friends is definitely up there. There are so many more that I could mention - running my first ever 10k, a lovely holiday in Bournemouth with friends, glamping on a hen do, stuffing my face at a cheese club, going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. It really was a great year! 

3. Celery. It was my guinea pigs' favourite food and the two are inextricably linked for me now - the taste makes me feel weird. 

4. This is a tough one! I've read so many wonderful non-fiction books, but I think fiction just surges ahead for me - the possibilities are endless and I love losing myself in a really good book. 

5. I'm definitely an optimist. I have my pessimistic moments but overall I like to think I have a sunny outlook on life - I think my endless enthusiasm is probably tiring for a lot of people, but it makes me happy, so I guess that's all that matters. And I'm definitely an extrovert - I work better in an office full of people, I feel better after spending time with friends and family, and I feel antsy after too much time spent alone. 

How about you?