Sloe Gin Fizz

Sloe Gin Fizz // Amy ElizabethAt this time of year, it's practically mandatory to drink fizz at every available opportunity. I think that's why everyone gets so excited about Christmas; it gives you the chance to treat every day as a celebration. Family gatherings become parties, pub crawls become festive bonanzas, even a night spent in front of the TV becomes a special treat when paired with Baileys and mince pies. 

We are big fans of Prosecco in this house; we don't save it for special occasions as there's not denying that a little bit of fizz does your heart good (in the metaphorical, rather than the literal sense). Because we drink it regularly, it needs a little something extra to make it special, which is where this Sloe Gin Fizz comes in. Sloe Gin is delightfully festive, whether you make your own or just buy it like I do, and it just adds a little something extra that is perfect for celebrations. You can add more juice for a fruitier flavour, or leave it out for a more sophisticated taste, but I'm sure that this little number will become a fast favourite! 

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Sloe Gin Fizz // Amy Elizabeth

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