Drinking far too much Prosecco. Reading on my new Kindle - I love it! 

Driving home for Christmas, and back again. 

Wearing my Christmas jumper at every opportunity. 

Receiving so many foodie gifts for Christmas - people know me! 

Playing Cards Against Humanity at the High Tea Cast Christmas Party. 

Feeling lucky to know so many amazing ladies. 

Listening to the final episode of Serial. I am bereft. 

Reflecting on 2014 and all that it has bought me. 

Answering a million wedding questions from curious relatives. Not long now! 

Painting our bedroom white. If only we could change the carpet... 

Reorganising my Pinterest boards. Strangely satisfying. 

Searching for a new knitting project now that I've finished all the snoods. 

Cheering my favourite businesses at the Leeds Food & Drink Awards. 

Enjoying my time off work. It's good to relax. 

Setting some goals for 2015. It's going to be a big year. 

How about you?