Croissant & Cranberry Pudding

Croissant and Cranberry Pudding // Amy Elizabeth

It's Christmas time, which means that in offices everywhere people are bringing in dishes covered in foil and tupperware boxes filled with goodies to share. There's something about buffet-style dining in the office that makes work feel festive - and this year I have coerced my colleagues into doing this three times in the name of Christmas cheer. Last Friday was the pre-Christmas-party fuddle (food huddle, for the uninitiated), yesterday was the big one - Christmas Jumper Day + Secret Santa + Festive Fuddle - and another is planned for the day before we 'break up' for Christmas. I appreciate their efforts, I really do - it's not always easy to think of what to bring (some variation on beige food is always appreciated - cheese straws never go down badly) and to find time to cook or bake something in the evening before work the next day is no mean feat. 

Flapjacks // Amy Elizabeth

Mince Pies // Amy Elizabeth

Gingerbread Men // Amy Elizabeth

This Croissant and Cranberry Pudding was my contribution, but it would probably be better served as a dessert after an enormous roast, when you're not sure you can fit anything else in but somehow you can manage a pudding covered in custard. It's a festive variation on a bread & butter pudding - the croissants make it sweet and the cranberries add a delicious tartness to cut through the creamy, spongy goodness. Sprinkle some demerara sugar on top for a crunchy crust and you've got a total winner of a dessert. Side note: it's also pretty good as an indulgent breakfast, microwaved for one minute and covered in cream. It's December, it's allowed.  

Croissant and Cranberry Pudding // Amy Elizabeth Croissant and Cranberry Pudding // Amy Elizabeth

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