How to Cook Christmas Dinner: Get Organised!

Beef Christmas Dinner // Amy Elizabeth

We're 17 days out from the big day, and I may not have put up any decorations or done any Christmas shopping but I have created a little something special just for you. You might have noticed that over the past week, I've been sharing some recipes and tips for creating an epic Christmas dinner. I know that it can feel a bit overwhelming having to juggle so many dishes in such a short space of time, especially if you haven't got a lot of kitchen space, but if I can cook a Christmas dinner for 10 people in my student digs then you can definitely do it, too! The key, as with most things, is getting organised - writing lists, being prepared, roping in volunteers. So I've created a little guide that helps you do just that - get organised! It includes a comprehensive shopping list for Christmas dinner (add your own chocolate boxes and alcohol requirements as needed), an equipment list, a detailed list of what to do when and some recipes to help you create a spectacular Christmas dinner. It's designed to serve around 6 people (with generous leftovers) but you can adjust it as necessary. Good luck - you've got this! 

Download Christmas Dinner - Get Organised right here