Weekend Link Love

Autumn Bench

When you read this, I'll be running through the streets of Leeds, likely in the rain. Yep, the Abbey Dash is finally upon us and hopefully I'll be able to survive all the way round. If you see me, give me a cheer, yeah? Yesterday was spent carbo-loading and making a playlist to get me all the way round, and catching up on Made in Chelsea. All the drama. 

However, the rest of this week has been slightly less virtuous. On Tuesday I ate a large amount of pizza at The Black Swan with Emily and on Friday night I went to a wine tasting at White Cloth Gallery that was very dangerous (but also delicious). So. Much. Alcohol. I'll tell you all about it later. Plus, as always, all the baking. Next week I need to eat lots of vegetables and do some yoga. How was your week?