Weekend Link Love


I sometimes wonder what my 16-year-old self would make of my life now. At that age I longed for a glamorous job, for designer suits to wear to work and a swanky apartment. It was an unrealistic dream; I have since come to realise that even in the high-powered jobs I imagined for myself most people don't wear designer clothing to work. And that apartment? Totally unachievable for a twenty-something in the current job and employment market. That dream has long faded, to be replaced by something a lot homelier and happier. I didn't know myself at 16; I would hate that stressful job, I would hate wearing heels to work every day and I would hate living alone, however beautiful my house. So there's no doubt that my current situation is a lot better by far, but I still wonder what past-Amy might think about it. 

That's not to say my current life is completely without glamour; this week has been pretty exciting. On Tuesday I went to see One Man, Two Guv'nors at Leeds Grand Theatre, and it was absolutely fantastic - proper British slapstick humour. I always love the theatre, it's one of my favourite places, but this was particularly good - if you get a chance to get tickets then I'd definitely recommend it, even if you're not usually a theatre-goer. On Thursday we celebrated Bonfire Night at The Mustard Pot; it was so sweet to see all the kids bundled up against the cold, waving sparklers around. I also had my first winter Pimms of the year, which was very welcome now that it's got frosty. And then on Thursday we got dressed up and went to Manahatta to try out this new addition to the Leeds bar scene; I had lobster, which always makes for a good evening in my opinion. 

How was your week?