How to Knit a Snood

How to Knit a Snood // Amy ElizabethHow to Knit a Snood // Amy Elizabeth

If you've been hanging around these parts for any length of time, you'll know that I've made it my mission to knit a plethora of snoods this year. My knitting skills are very basic, and as such I am currently limited to scarves and blankets, or anything else that is straight and simple. Snoods, are therefore a perfect beginner's project for me - they only take a couple of hours to knock up and look far more impressive than they are. The pattern is super simple to follow and the resulting snood makes a wonderful wooly addition to your wardrobe, or an excellent Christmas gift for the knitwear aficionado in your life.

If you're looking to take up a craft, then this could be the perfect opportunity - the larger needles and thick wool simplify the process, and once you've got the hang of a few stitches then there's very little way to go wrong. I learnt everything I know from my grandma, but YouTube is a good substitute if your grandparents are unavailable for knitting lessons. I've linked to some good tutorials below, if you're interested.  

knit 3 How to Knit a Snood // Amy Elizabeth

You'll need: 

1. Cast on 19 stitches 

2. Knit one, purl one along the whole row; as there are an uneven number of stitches you should finish on a knit stitch. 

3. Continue with this pattern, always starting and finishing the row with a knit stitch until you've finished the ball of wool. 

4. Add the second ball of wool and continue as before. Stop when you have a metre or so left of yarn. 

5. Cast off

6. Fold the scarf in half so the two ends are lined up. Using the excess wool, sew together the two ends. 

7. Weave in the ends of your yarn and trim any excess wool. 

8. Wear your snood with pride! 

How to Knit a Snood // Amy Elizabeth