Four Good Things


Let's be real, November is a depressing month. It's not soon enough to get properly excited about Christmas (when can I start drinking mulled wine?) and I spend at least 50% of my time with cold hands and feet. Hibernating animals have the right idea, amiright? There is plenty to be happy about, however, even if you end up walking home in the driving rain. So let's celebrate some of those things! Here are four good things that I've been loving recently - I'd love you to share some of yours with me! 

1. Christmas Bedding 

Okay, I know I said it was too early to get excited about Christmas, but this is the exception to the rule. My sweet friend Katie tipped me off to the cheap Christmas-themed bedding in Primark and I immediately snapped up some grey Fairisle brushed cotton sheets. We've just bought a new duvet, too, so it's like sleeping in a Christmas-sy cloud. Total winner. 

2. The Bossypants Audiobook 

I have Emma to thank for this one; I've been getting bored on my longer runs so I was looking for a decent audiobook to keep me entertained. I remembered Emma's recommendation and am very glad I downloaded this; I have read the book but it's a joy to hear Tina Fey reading the words. I can carry my phone around the house and laugh along whilst I'm doing chores, or snigger my way through a slow jog. What a marvel the modern world is, eh? 

Bonus: I've also been really enjoying the Call Your Girlfriend podcast - smart ladies who use terms like 'cultural literacy' when talking about the Kardashians? I am so there. Genuinely, I don't think many things make me happier than academic feminist analysis of pop culture. I will never be bored of reading think pieces about Taylor Swift. Never. 

3. My new KitchenAid 

This may be the greatest thing I have ever owned. It's shiny. It's beautiful. It makes cakes. I have coveted one for ages, and now it's sitting on my kitchen counter, highlighting how upsettingly brown my rental kitchen is. White subway tiles, one day you will be mine. It has a double whammy of happiness, too, because it was a gift from work for bringing in so many cakes over the last year, which is genuinely one of the sweetest gestures, is it not? I'm still learning to use it, so if you have any KitchenAid tips or recipes then definitely send them my way! 

4. The Bridal Emporium 

I have tried very hard not to be a twee bride, gushing about colour schemes and flower arrangements. There's a lot about weddings that I have had to work my way through (check out my column on the High Tea Cast for more rambling on that topic!) but I am finally allowing myself to get excited about the dress. Partly because it's not all that much fun to have to pretend otherwise, and partly because I've finally found exactly what I want. There's a darling bridal shop in the Grand Arcade called The Bridal Emporium and Claire, the owner, has made the whole process feel so easy and exciting, whereas before it felt stressful and alien. I feel so much better knowing that I can support a local designer and business owner as well as wear a sparkly dress. I'm going to see the designs next week, so watch this space! 

How about you?