Feels Like Home

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I'm sure that I'm not the only one that feels the need to hibernate now that the clocks have gone back and the evenings are pitch black. Pub gardens and picnics in the park have been replaced with nights spend on the sofa, fleecy blanket on hand. In the winter, home becomes a sanctuary, a cosy cocoon to protect you from the harsh vagaries of winter. Rather than heading out into the icy chill, it's much more preferable to stay indoors - and to make indoors the best place it can be. 

UGG Australia are on a mission to inspire people to make the most of their time at home this season, and have collected some recipes and how-to guides for ways to spend your downtime over the coming months to be the best it can be - including some seasonal cocktails from yours truly! 

I've been a fan of UGG for a long time; I loved in my UGG boots at University and they're still pulled out of the cupboard when it's wet and wild outside, and cosiness is the order of the day. They were kind enough to send me these gorgeous slippers, too, which have barely left my feet since. It's always a disappointment to go from the furry hug of these bad boys to my regular day shoes.

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Homemade cocktails feel very decadent, but these are simple to make - whether you're enjoying them alone or with friends. The cocktails I've created use seasonal ingredients which are at their best during the coming months - you can find the recipes here, but here's a little taste for you: 

Winter Sunshine Cocktail

Citrus fruits are one of my favourite things about winter; although we associate their zesty freshness with summer they are at their best in the darkest months - a little gift from nature, perhaps. This cocktail combines clementine juice with vodka, limoncello and rosemary - and don't forget the sugar rim! 

Spiced Rum Punch

This Spiced Rum Punch which feels like a warm hug in a glass. You can heat this through gently before serving, or drink as is, but the flavours of cinnamon, orange, apple and dark rum are reminiscent of the best parts of autumn and winter. 

As well as these cocktails, you can also pick up tips for blogging, illustration, beauty and a delicious recipe for Wild Blackberry Buns from other bloggers, so you can really make the most of slipper season. 

P.S. Find more cocktail recipes right here.

This post is in association with UGG Australia and I was compensated for these cocktail recipes, but I promise you that these slippers are the bomb-diggity and these cocktails are delicious and will impress your friends. That sugar rim, in particular. I'm tempted to put it on all of my drinks...