Weekend Link Love

(Photo by Florian Klauer)

Today is a lazy day, for catching up on TV shows and snuggling up in sweaters. For roast dinners and afternoon naps. It's much needed, after a hectic few days travelling across the country for weddings and catch-ups with good friends. The wedding was lovely, as they always are, with fairy lights adorning the ceiling and plenty of dancing. It's the last one we're attending before ours, which is both exciting and a little daunting.

Yesterday I spent the day in London with one of my favourite friends - we bustled our way through Borough Market before walking along the South Bank for lunch at Wahaca and then made our way through the streets of London for wine and goodbyes at Kings Cross. It was a beautifully crisp autumn day and I didn't even need to wear my jacket thanks to the sunshine, which made it all the more perfect. 

So today is for recovery and for getting ready for the week ahead, which is jam-packed with good times to come. I need to make a Halloween costume and bake a pie. How about you?