Weekend Link Love

(Photo by Monstruo Estudio)

This week has been mostly spent making to-do lists. I am full of ideas for this blog right now but, as with all things, time is in short supply so I'm scribbling notes to myself left, right and centre so I don't forget anything. It's not just for this blog, though, it's been a productive week all round - sorting out the house and finally digging out my winter wardrobe, starting and finishing books I've been meaning to read for weeks, going on as many runs as the weather will allow... It still never feels like enough, though. I'm a perfectionist Type A to a 'T' - I don't think I've ever sat down at the end of the week and been satisfied with how much I've achieved - there's always more to do. As evidenced by those mammoth to-do lists. 

As well as beavering away on a hundred different things this week, I've also stuffed myself silly with Canadian food, courtesy of my expat friend Cheryl who's just been granted a visa to live here (hooray!), reminisced about 90s TV theme tunes, celebrated the 1st birthday of Trinity Kitchen, baked Izy's Swedish Chocolate Cake (again) and dug out all of my winter scarves. How about you?